Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I have noticed about Ecuador

So here I am, almost 3 months into my trip. Here are a few things that I´ve noticed about Ecuadorian life:

  1. you can add -ita or -ito to any word. Sarita, aguita, perito, empanita. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what anyone is saying until I take off the ita or ito and realize that it´s actually a word.
  2. They only drink juice and coffee and sometimes tea. I spend a ton of my money just buying bottled water because I have no idea how they stay hydrated drinking only juice and a little coffee or tea.
  3. They eat rice everyday. EVERYDAY.
  4. You can also add -que in front of any word. Que chevere, que bestia, que frio, que pena. It takes awhile to figure out what these phrases actually mean. Like que bestia literally translates to that beast. However in Ecuadorian spanish it means both awesome and sucky.
  5. You ride buses a lot. I have never riden a bus so much.
  6. Ecuadorians take the nature around them for granted. To me everything is breathtakingly gorgeous but to them it´s okay because they´ve seen it all their lives.
  7. Communication is a challenge. They only call you back if they have something to say to you. It doesn´t matter how badly you need to talk to them.
  8. The weather really does never change. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it is sunny but beyond that it is the same temperature and same number of daylight hours all year.
That´s all for now because I´m out of time. Write again soon!

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  1. Wow Sara, I truly feel like you have already been there for a year ... these life experiences are, sometimes at best, trying. I give you a world of credit, your demeanor and positive outlook are a tribute to your mom. God bless and keep you safe <3