Monday, November 29, 2010

One of those days...

So today has been one of those days. It was great until I came back to Ibarra. I woke up this morning and actually ate a bagel (like a real one, there is a place in Quito that has them). And then I took the bus back to Ibarra. When I got here I realized the internet was down and I needed it to prepare for my lesson today. Then I noticed my notebook was gone. This notebook has my life in it. All of my lessons and all of my Spanish notes. And after that I was making copies and ran into the girl who has now decided to hate me for no reason. Thankfully, I found the notebook and I´m sure the rest will work itself out.

This weekend was a lot of fun. I had Thanksgiving dinner at my director´s house. We had all the traditional Thanksgiving things, minus what is impossible to find in Ecuador (pumpkin pie and cranberries). I even ate the turkey. Then on Sunday Claire and I sat around and watched TV shows and then went to see Harry Potter. It´s super intense!

I realized I forgot to write about helping out at a spelling bee. An all boys school asked Shari and I to judge a spelling bee. It was actually really hard to do because they make a lot of mistakes with pronouncing the letters. So here I was, it was the final word of the spelling bee and I asked a boy to repeat his spelling. He ended up getting it right and I was about to announce him the winner... Until the father of another boy said it was unfair to do repeats and that his son should have won. So then we had to do another like 10 rounds and eventually call it a tie. I felt so bad! The boy clearly won! But the principal told me the dads were about to get in a fight so I wasn´t about to argue with that.


  1. Enjoying your posts sweetie ... and can't wait to hear some stories in person <3

  2. oh wow, your laptop was almost gone. that would be so bad! i'm glad you found it. what was the story of that?

    talk to you tonight!