Thursday, November 18, 2010


Three randoms for the day:

  1. I looked at Itunes the other day and realized I didn't know a single one of the top songs. I have no idea what is happening with American radio.
  2. My family put boiled potatoes in purple liquid an added cloves and cinnamon. Then they asked me to eat one of the potatoes. I almost choked it was so disgusting. My host dad loves it and says it is "muy rico!"
  3. There are ice cream carts here. But there are no ice cream trucks that make noise. Instead there are propane trucks that play the ice cream truck music. They play the music and drive around streets with propane tanks. So weird!

1 comment:

  1. Did you also notice that the Beatles are finally on iTunes????? I never knew that they were never on there. Who knows things like this??? Believe me, I can relate to your feeling "out-of-it". Looking so much to seeing you over the holidays. I will let you know the family plans as soon as I find out. Mom and Aunt Nancy are coming to Columbus for Thanksgiving, so that's when we will likely come to a conclusion. You should surprise your host family and celebrate Thanksgiving with that would freak them out!!!!!
    Love ya'