Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

So as of now I have 4 students in my intermediate class and 11 in my basic class. It is getting better but still definitely not where it needs to be. Because of that, at my site visit this week, we told the director of CECAMI that I will not be coming back. So right now it is about 80% that I'm moving and 20% that I'll go to SECAP. Either way, I will definitely not be at CECAMI anymore. Darn...

This weekend was a lot of fun. I spent a good amount of time with my family because a niece from the jungle was in town. She is 20 years old and super nice. I went to Otavalo and stocked up on Christmas presents. And I went to a concert and looked at some wood designers. I also got to see my family's new store for selling clothes from catalogs and eat at this awesome coastanian food restaurant.

Then Monday was my site visit. Steph (the assistant director of WorldTeach) came and observed my class and met with my family. She said that I was a good teacher and that my students like me. Awesome. Now if I could just have more students...

Natasha has been sick all week and CECAMI keeps asking me to cover her 3-4 class. I said yes one day because I had time. But yesterday Natasha asked if I could do it again and I didn't have time. She conveniently forgot to tell the office this and so they thought I was coming. They called me at 3:10 asking where I was. Not so professional on her part...

Today I'm having a Thanksgiving party in my classes. We are going to make turkey hands and eat food and watch episodes of Friends about Thanksgiving. It should be fun!

Then this weekend I am going to Quito to celebrate Thanksgiving with some WorldTeach people. I'm making brownies. I tried making them yesterday for the Thanksgiving parties in my classes and they turned out well. The high altitude directions really come in handy here. On Sunday I have to stay in Quito all day because it is the census. In Ecuador everyone has to stay in their homes for an entire day and absolutely nothing is open. Then high school students come around and perform the census. Should be interesting!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Minnie Mom!!!!
    Auntie Mommy, Corbin and I went to Dr. Kuhn's (Auntie Mommie's boss)in the Mountains. WOW, it was beautiful and really far up!!! I spent the day with my four legged friends Rufus and Roscoe. We ran around peeing on all the bushes and trees. It was a blast!!!! Boy was I tired when we got home tonight. Stuffed too. My favorite was the carrot souffle!!!!
    Auntie Mommy reads me all your posts. I still am not sure why I didn't get to go?
    Oh well!
    Licks,Yips and a whole lot of upside down belly love.

    Your son Brady