Tuesday, November 9, 2010

banos, moving, and santo domingo.

Santo Domingo: Very ugly. The people speak Spanish super fast and I don´t understand much of it. Other than that the trip was cool. I ate terrible food and got to see the day of the dead. (They served me fish and ceviche for breakfast, haha). All in all I´m glad I don´t live on the coast but it was nice to travel with my family. They are crazy! I never knew what was coming next or where I would be sleeping. And I saw the smallest dog I have ever seen. It weighed about 3lbs and was a chiuahua. So small and named Princessa. (Dad you would have hated her, she yapped).

Baños: Super fun! I went horseback riding, to hot springs, up a volcano, ate great food, saw waterfalls, and had a massage. Activities, transportation, lodging, and food all for about $130! Can´t beat that! It was also great to see everyone that I hadn´t seen in a long time.

Moving: Cecami is still being stupid. SECAP said they can only take one volunteer and Natasha will likely take that spot. I don´t want to stay with CECAMI so I might be moving to Ambato. If Natasha doesn´t take the spot at SECAP then I will probably go there. I´ll keep you upadated. Ambato is nice and in a great location (2 hours south of Quito) and there are a few other volunteers there. It wouldn´t be the end of the world but I´d be super sad to leave Ibarra. Stupid CECAMI...

This week is my vacation. CECAMI is making us pass out more flyers tomorrow in hopes of getting more students. Then Thursday I´m hoping to go somewhere with Shari for a day trip. Then Thursday night through Sunday I will be in Quito for Kate´s birthday! Then Monday I´m back at CECAMI...

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