Thursday, November 4, 2010

run in with the police (sorry kaytee it´s another scary title)

yes, i had a run in with the police today. here is the story:

natasha (another volunteer here) woke up this morning and her host mom told her she was kicked out of the house. she has lived with this lady for 9 months and today she decided to kick her out. natasha packed her things and then met me for coffee to talk before she was going to move in with the other family. she asked me to help her move her things and i said of course. so i´m waiting with the taxi while she is inside getting her things and she comes out and tells me her host mom is throwing things at her and being agressive. i decide to ask the lady if natasha can have her things and we can go and she starts yelling at me and slams the door in our faces. then the maid comes out and tries to talk to us and the 4 of us are trying to talk but then the host mom gets mad and slams the door in all of our faces. (she didn´t want natasha to get her stuff because natasha needed to pay her the rent but natasha didn´t have the money at that point and her host mom was holding her credit cards hostage). so her host mom called the police because the maid, natasha, and i wouldn´t leave her house. the police came and talked to the mom and natasha and basically said ¨why am i here?¨ he told natasha to take some of her things and then come back with the money and get the rest of her things. the mom then decided to tell him that i was trespassing and being agressive to her. luckily he said he didn´t care and the whole situation was stupid.

... this is a crazy country. now my poor friend is kicked out of her house and she has to overpay in order to get her things back...

i´ll post about santo domingo later.

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  1. oh lord! that's INSANE! why did she throw her out?