Saturday, April 2, 2011

Voy a quedar in Ecuador!

So this week was a bit hectic because I did a lot of running around. On Monday Ariana, the new volunteer, and I went to the government offices to try and get some paperwork done for our job at the University. We ended up waiting in line for 5 hours and got served with just minutes to spare before the agency closed. I guess red-tape is alive and well in Ecuador too!

Then on Wednesday I was searching for a few hours trying to find a secretary from my school so that I could open up a bank account. Unfortunately, that feat wasn't accomplished until Thursday. But now I officially am in the university system and I have a bank account. Now if I could just get paid!!

My dad and I have decided on a trip! He is going to come over my birthday and we'll take a few days to travel in the southern highlands around Cuenca. I'm excited! And he is bringing me girl scout cookies!!

Now, for the big news: I had a meeting with the director of the university and she was really excited that I wanted to stay in Ecuador. They are going to start providing housing for volunteers and offer more money! So now it's basically official that I'll be staying in Ecuador another year! It's a really great offer and I don't have anything that I need to be back for in the states. It feels crazy though. I don't think it's sunk in yet. And it's not 100% official because I haven't signed a contract yet. I'll have to get a contract that lists my housing and my salary before I officially commit to staying. But so far it's looking good. I really like teaching and I like this university. And since I've only been here for a month and only have 3 months left, it makes sense for me to stay.

On Friday I got a glimpse into my future at the university. They are trying to change things for the better so I envision a lot of staff meetings to come. There is one professor who has been there for 4 years and he is super jaded. I almost wanted to tell him to quit if he's that unhappy and can't come up with any good solutions. But he won't. Luckily, the people running the meeting were focused on solutions and didn't pay much attention to him.

It feels good to have my mind almost completely made up now. It was a lot to think about. But job prospects in the states just are not good. And I'd be silly to pass up a job where I can actually start making and saving money.

As for my classes, they are still great! Except they are changing my classroom again and so I was in the library for 2 days. They "think" on Monday I'll have a classroom. Cross your fingers for me!

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  1. Spending time with your dad on your birthday sounds like time well spent....ENJOY !!!! Sounds like things are going very well....may your good luck last forever.