Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Silly Basketball

So, these past few weeks, I have been waiting and waiting to watch real basketball. I watched it over my computer, I watched it through skype, and I watched it on mute in a restaurant. Finally on Monday ESPN was going to show the game on cable. We have cable at my house so I was so excited. And... the game was terrible. I want to thank you Butler for having 19% shooting in the only game I could watch this season.

I have moved classrooms again. Last week I was in the library and now I'm in a classroom the size of a shoebox. I haven't figured out what the problem is with all of the room changing but it's really disruptive. It means I have to start my class late everyday because I have to find my students and tell them where to go. But hopefully I can finally keep this classroom. Even if it's so tiny it barely fits my students and I don't have any space to walk around. Next year I'll petition for a bigger room. It's just silly to waste the big rooms on teachers who have their students sit the whole class. My students are always up and moving and now they can't. I guess I'll just have to be creative with my sitting activities.

This weekend was fun because my friend Claire from Quito came to visit. We went to see a movie and graded lots of papers together. I like when people come and visit me! And it saves me money since I'm not the one always visiting people like I did in Ibarra.

My dad bought a ticket for Ecuador! He is going to come over my birthday! Now he just has to learn spanish in a month and a half :).

I think I'm going on vacation to the beach in a week. We have a few days off and I've wanted to go to this beach. Some other friends are going to a beach close by so I'll probably travel with them and then take a day trip up to the other beach. Hopefully it's fun!

I found out I have to switch banks because the account I made on Thursday doesn't work for some reason. So now it will be another 3 weeks until I get paid. This is not cool. But at least I can keep the money in my Ecua-account and use it next year.

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