Sunday, April 24, 2011

A surprisingly sad Easter week

So my Easter week started off with the whole package fiasco. I did eventually get my package but unfortunately I wasn't in a good mood and couldn't enjoy it.

On Wednesday my dad told me that Lily was sick and in the hospital (Lily was my little cat). She died late Friday night from heart problems. Who knew a 3 year old cat could have heart problems? So dealing with Lily in the hospital and tests and things took up most of my week. I hope she's happy hanging out with my mom in heaven. I think my mom would have liked her.

Classes were more fun this week. My advanced kids worked on pronunciation with tongue twisters, Shakespeare, and karaoke. And my intermediates learned about expectations and describing problems.

On Friday we had no class so on Thursday night I went to Quito because I had been told there was an awesome Good Friday procession. Websites described it as the second best procession in the world (second to Seville). Well, I wasn't exactly a fan. It was cool to see people so devout and all that. But they were attaching cacti to their backs and barbed wire around their chests and carrying huge crosses strapped to their arms so they couldn't lower their arms for hours. There were even people flogging themselves with tree branches and getting little cuts all over themselves. It was really gross and sad. I ended up almost passing out and had to leave after about 20 minutes. But I think my friends had seen enough too.

It's really interesting how this country doesn't celebrate Easter, they celebrate "holy week." There is a big difference apparently. It is so somber and sad. Everyone is crying and holding crosses and saying the rosary. I remember Easter being happy (and not just because of the candy). To me it's a time to rejoice and be happy, not sad. I wanted to tell the people "stop hurting yourself, Jesus did that for you so you DON'T HAVE TO." But it makes them feel closer to God. And today, on actual Easter, no one cares. It's just like any other day. Strange Catholic country...

Next week looks like it is going to be normal. Just teaching and grading.

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