Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another lesson in Ecua-inefficiency

So my dad sent me a package with some medicine in it about 20 days ago. USPS said it would take 10-15 days to get here but they have no tracking once it gets to Ecuador. So it hadn't arrived as of this weekend but it should have. My host mom explained to me that mailmen tried to deliver a package once and then if no one was home they took it back to the post office. On Monday I headed over the post office and met the laziest guy in the world. He said my package hadn't come. I asked him if i could check out the packages or if he could look a little harder and he said no.

The next day my host sister headed over to the post office to talk to them. She said she had some friends there. They told her my package had arrived but they couldn't give it to her for some reason. She came back and told me that the package was in Ambato and would probably be delivered tomorrow. I'm not sure why they are going to try to deliver it again...

My host mom told me that my best bet was to wait by the window today and hope it came. So I've been waiting here for several hours just staring out the window. I asked her when she thought the guy would come and she said she had no idea and he might not even come today. Then I started to get confused and asked "um, what?" She explained the carriers decide where they are going on certain days. So they keep all the packages with them and go to certain places. If the guy for some reason doesn't come here today he keeps the packages and possibly comes by another day. So now I'm just continuing to wait for a package that IS IN AMBATO but I just can't get it.

Who thinks of this system???

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