Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lack of common sense

So here in Ecuador we use gas for most things like kitchens and showers. For the most part it's cool because you can regulate the heat and replace it easily if it goes out. In Ibarra I completely took it for granted because the gas was always changed for me. So now, after 2 months in Ambato, I realized I needed to change the gas tank. I asked my host sister for help because she had done it before. So we lug the big thing up the stairs and start hooking it up. After a few unsuccessful attempts of turning the stove on we realize it isn't working. We go out to give it one last try and then as she is messing with it I turn on the gas to see if it's working. BAD IDEA. Apparently, when you have been trying to light the gas for a while the room starts to fill with the gas. Yea, POOF. Luckily nothing was burned and I still have my eyebrows. But, wow, that was an intense moment when you see everything in front of your face go up in flames. I guess I should have figured that.

My students were pretty dumb this week. They just don't realize they need to study. I was pretty harsh on them and made them do a practice test before the real test. Their main problem is that they just don't ask questions when they need help. I think they are scared to look bad in front of their friends. But, seriously, I'm there to answer questions, so ask! I haven't graded their actual tests yet... so we'll see.

Yesterday I went to Banos with my friend and her English class. It was a lot of fun. Before I got there they went to a monkey reserve in Puyo and from their pictures it looks like I'll have to go someday! Maybe I can talk my dad into going. The monkeys like climb all over you. So cool! Then we went to a waterfall called "Pailon Del Diablo." I think that mean's devil's cauldron or something like that. It's a decent hike to get down to it and then you are at about the middle of the waterfall. You can go down some more steps and get sprayed with the water or you can go up a very cave like thing. I was freaking out in the cave and had to back out. It was so small and dark and I don't get claustrophobia much but I definitely got it. My friends who did go up said it was really cool and you basically got soaked by the waterfall. I want to go back and do it. But maybe I'll bring a flashlight, poncho, extra clothes, and a waterproof bag for my camera. Maybe I can talk my dad into that? We'll see.

That night we went dancing in Banos and it was a lot of fun. Her students are all different ages so it was fun to hang out with a really diverse group. We went to this one club where they have break dancers on staff and when people aren't into the music they just start dancing and pulling everyone else in. There were still some major creepers who make any dancing experience not as exciting, but overall it was a really fun time.

We got back at about 3am and then at 5am I had a panic attack because I left my window open and my computer by the window and it had been raining for about 24 hours solid. So I rushed on a bus and made it back to Ambato. Thankfully my computer was safe. But then the power was out so I went back to bed. After that I wanted to go see the Justin Bieber movie but they switched the times and so we missed the movie. Oh well.

Now for some intense grading...

And I am heading to the beach on Wednesday!

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  1. justin beiber. ugh! your judgement is getting questionable in ecuador.