Thursday, January 27, 2011

Testing week

Testing weeks are so boring for me. I review the material with my classes and then they take an oral and a written test. I like spending my time planning cool lessons for my students so when all I get to do is plan a test I get really bored. So one way I have brightened my week is by testing out taxi drivers.

About 90% of the taxis I take have drivers that ask me if I'm married. Up until now I've only said, "No, I'm not married. No I'm not dating an Ecuadorian. No, I don't know if I will date an Ecuadorian." But they always ask why I don't like Ecuadorians and why I'm not dating one. So the other day I started to test out new answers. One time I said I had a boyfriend in the states and the driver just kept asking why I didn't want to cheat on him with an Ecuadorian because he is so far away. This answer didn't seem to be any better for me. So the next night I tried to say that I was married and my husband and I were both here. Then the driver just kept asking why I chose an American over an Ecuadorian and how it must be quite a honeymoon to be in Ecuador together. And how I should divorce my husband and marry an Ecuadorian instead. I guess I'll have to keep trying to find a good answer that doesn't lead to a million follow up questions.

There was one time I said I was dating an Ecuadorian and I remember the taxi driver asking if I wanted to break up with him and date him instead. So I don't think that is the best answer either.

Other than that I have been practicing Spanish a lot with an online program and doing yoga. I really wish Ibarra had more to do. But I guess that's one reason why I'm moving.

This weekend I'm going to Quito to see my friend Claire and plan a jungle trip for my friend Cheryl and me. Then I come back to Ibarra for a super boring week of doing nothing. I'm thinking about taking day trips but I don't like traveling by myself. Maybe I'll think of something cool to do or I'll go visit another volunteer at his or her site.

I'm also debating adding my name to last minute Galapagos tours. Apparently you can get a great deal if you're a single person and have a flexible schedule. Hopefully that works out!

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