Friday, January 28, 2011

Awkward Encounter

So one of the downsides of living with a family is that they have their own problems. One of them being their 15 year old son. So at lunch today my host mom and dad decided to lecture him on how his friends drink and smoke and how he shouldn't do that. Then the conversation turned to how he always invites the friends over when the parents aren't there and how that is totally disrespectful. So he is trying to defend himself by saying his friends don't smoke or drink there and the parents are like "bull shit. We know they do." So then the mom goes into how the dad doesn't drink or get drunk in the house and he goes out to do that. Then the dad started yelling because Andres is 15 and shouldn't be doing that anyway.

Of course, then Andres and the dad turn to me and ask if kids in the US do this. I didn't want to lie so of course I said yes. Andres felt vindicated and the dad was annoyed I told the truth.

Super, super awkward lunch! But it honestly sounds exactly like the lecture most kids get at some point or another...

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