Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back to Ibarra

So yesterday was a glorious day. I literally did not get out of my pajamas or leave my bed. It was wonderfully restful!

Then today I prepared for my classes. Before the break Cecami told me I was going to take Natasha's basic class from 3pm-4pm. So I prepared and showed up early. Then they told me I wasn't going to have that class. But, surprisingly, it didn't surprise me that they did this. Typical Cecami. Then I went to my classroom and looked for all of my things. But I was missing the speakers. So I went and asked Lupe and the gardner and they had no idea. The gardner was so nice and searched high and low for them but they were gone. Typical Cecami again. And to top it off, no one came to my second class. I waited for 30 minutes and no one came. Again, typical Cecami.

However, they did make up for it a little bit when everyone said they missed me and the gardner gave me a big hug. They kept asking if I really was moving to Ambato and I kept saying yes. They seemed a little sad. I know I will miss the gardner and the gate guard. They are so nice to me! And have nothing to do with the incompetence of Cecami.

On another note, my host brother told me congratulations for beginning to understand more spanish. That is a pretty big deal because he speaks soooo fast. And I am starting to get a hang of speaking for more than a few sentences. It's a cool feeling. :)

I have midservice in a week and we are all headed to the beach. Yay for an almost all expense paid trip to a beautiful beach in Ecuador!!!

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