Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weirdest ecua moment yet...

I was walking to school and three little girls kept yelling hello at me. i was the only one on the street so i said hello back. then they ran after me and asked if i wanted more friends. it was a little weird and i was late for work so i said i had to get to work. they said they wanted to be my friend because i was a gringa. now it was really starting to get weird so i said i had to go and walked away. they walked after me and grabbed my arm, hair, and purse continously asking me why i didn´t want to be their friend. they actually started to hurt with their grabbing so i gave them the evil eye and walked faster. they kept running after me until i turned a corner.

... yes i stick out like a sore thumb that much...

1 comment:

  1. Interesting how they kept after you and that they place so much importance to knowing a "gringa". Love reading your blogs. What an experience!! We all miss you and wish you would be here for the holidays, but what you are doing is so much more relevant to the world!!
    Love ya",
    Aunt Ginny