Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good things

I think my blog post has been full of negative things lately. So here are some positive things!

  • I found a new Spanish teacher who is much better. He knows English very well so he knows how our brains process language. And he was an English teacher in a high school, so he knows how to teach. It´s also only $2 a lesson!
  • On my way to Spanish class the other day I ran into a tienda for a drink. The man working started talking in Spanglish to me. He said he lived in Jersey for 26 years. He didn´t know that much English but he spoke Spanish with a Jersey accent!
  • I dropped my sweater the other day and didn´t notice. A woman ran 2 blocks to catch up with me and return my sweater. I wouldn´t have even noticed it was gone if she hadn´t have stopped me.
  • My student and I went hiking yesterday at a local park area. It is only a 30 minute walk from my house and it´s really pretty. So now I have a new place to go walking. And at the top there is a zoo with monkeys and swings.
  • The director of WorldTeach has decided to come to CECAMI to straighten some things out. So now it´s not just us teachers complaining to CECAMI, but a director is going to. Hopefully this means that some changes will start to be made.
  • I saw kittens the other day. There were two of them outside a shack by the hinking trail. They were so cute! They were just playing and jumping all over each other.
  • My sister told me she is coming to visit! Yay!

I haven´t been doing too much besides teaching the last few days. My students had an oral test last night and have a written test tonight. They did very well on the oral part so hopefully they will do well on the written part!

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  1. oh good! happy things happen in Ecua too. i was getting worried, what with buying a plane ticket and all :)