Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Ibarra

So I have officially started teaching. I plan from 9-12, eat lunch, then teach from 4-8. Starting soon I will also teach a class of kids from 3-4. It´s not bad so far. I have one class of basics which is way too full. I find I can´t do too much with them because they get overly excited and start yelling in Spanish. I really like my intermediate class though. There are about 10 of them and most are professionals who really want to learn English to advance their job prospects. I´m finding I can really challenge this class. The basics will take some adjusting to.

My host family is still really great and they work with me on my Spanish. I think I´m improving a lot. I was able to tell my host mom that I won´t be at dinner because I was invited to go out with some people and I won´t be staying there tomorrow night because my friend is coming in. I´m also finding that I don´t hesitate before talking as much as I used to. I know what I am saying is probably coming out wrong, but at least I´m not afraid to say it.

More weird food: eggs with slightly popped corn. They looked like eyeballs....


  1. sounds awesome! have fun w/ your friend!

  2. Is this week-end the Ibarra festival? Happy to hear you are teaching and having fun. And that your host family is nice.

  3. Quiero ver un foto de los huevos con maiz que parecen como ojos, pro favor. Y quiero comerlos cuando estamos en Ibarra. Y felicitaciones en su Espanol y valor!