Friday, September 10, 2010

Babies, babies, babies!

So on Wednesday night I headed out to watch the soccer game in Plaza Foch on a big screen TV. It was nuts! People were throwing bottles and flares when Liga won. It was a ton of fun though. The bad thing is there was nowhere to go to the bathroom. Some of the guys had been taking shots from random people (basically all the alcohol people drank was free because everyone was so excited we were there to watch the game). A whole bunch of people ended up getting really drunk and I found it much more pleasant to hang out in the Indian restaurant after the game. Soccer fans are crazy!

Thursday I had more classes and found out about my host family in Ibarra. They sound very nice. I will be living with a mom, dad, 14 year old son, and 2 sons who study in Quito. The only downside I know of is that I have to share a bathroom with those 3 boys. But they have an empleada and so it should stay clean. Then Krista and I stopped by a movie store and I picked up a ton of cheap movies. I got an entire season of Friends for $5! After that we met up at a bar and watched our last dose of American football before heading to our cities.

Today I got to meet my host sister´s baby. Her name is Sophia and she was born about 36 hours ago. She is so tiny! Then I got to stop by a petstore and see tons of kittens and puppies. It was like baby overload!

Now I´m off to Spanish (we are getting lunch instead of having a regular class) and then I´m moving my stuff to Shari´s so we can be ready to leave in the morning. We have a final dinner with the group tonight and then a few of us are going out for Asia´s (another vol) birthday. Should be a good final night in Quito!

More about cars in Quito:
  • They don´t have seatbelts in the back seats. It´s totally unsafe but I have only seen one accident
  • They drive like crazy here. It is like playing chicken.
  • I have now decided to argue with cab drivers. I honestly think this might be how I learn Spanish. I am so annoyed at the way they overcharge me and try to drop me off at random places. So now sometimes I get out without paying the whole fare. I don´t recommend doing this unless you are most of the way out of the car when you hand them the money. And you have to judge based on the cab driver´s personality. There have been instances where cab drivres have kidnapped people because they were rude. But, regardless, this should not be a problem in Ibarra because cab rides should only cost $2, not $10.


  1. Minnie Mommy,

    Remember, I was your first baby. I wonder if I would understand the dogs there or do they speak spanish barks?
    Licks,barks and loads of love,

    Your oldest baby,
    Mr. Pants (Brady)

  2. Yikes dude! Be careful playing chicken with the Taxi drivers.

    Hope the move went well. I can't wait to hear about Ibarra!

  3. Wow! You are certainly becoming streetwise!