Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last week in Quito

So Sunday was filled with going to the mall and skyping with my dad and Wendy. I also got to meet my friends´ host family. They are so cool. They talk slowly and actually interact with me. I hope my host family in Ibarra is like them.

Monday was just full of workshops and watching people practice teach. A few of us also caught the VT-Boise State game after teaching. It was cool to eat american food in an american-ish bar.

Tuesday was more workshops and then I went on my first ecua-date. His name is Pedro and it was fun. We just went for dinner and a walk while others practice taught. He speaks English really well so the communication wasn´t a problem.

Today we had a session on sex and love in Ecuador. It was actually fascinating because it was done from a totally sociological standpoint. She went back to the differences in colonization between North and South America and how that affects our present mindsets on gender and relationships.

Now I´m rapidly planning a lesson for tonight because the boy who was going to teach got sick and is in the hospital (intestinal parasites, yuck!). And I just got to skype with my grandma and other family :)

Tomorrow and Friday are my last days in Quito. It´s so hard to believe! Tonight after teaching I´m also going out with some friends because the second of the big soccer games is on TV.

Have a lovely day!

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