Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First impressions

So after a whole week in Ecuador I can officially say that some cracks are starting to show in my first impressions. Yesterday was a mostly fun day. My classmates and I had an Amazing Race Quito, which was a lot of fun. We got to see the bull-fighting arena, the soccer stadium, and other random places around Quito. Then I came home with Krista and my host-madre talked for about 45 minutes without a break about her old job. Now one would think this would be fascinating, however, she still has no idea why I can't speak or understand everything in Spanish. So for 45 minutes I was listening so intently and I got most of it but boy did I have a headache after! And then she started to ask me questions and it just didn't work out so well. Which of course led to her saying that I need to learn Spanish. Dear people, I can't learn Spanish in a week. Thanks for understanding.

Then this morning Krista and I watched a dog get run over in the middle of a street by a semi-truck. It was so awful and I have no idea if the image will ever fully leave my head. And then we got on the wrong bus, got lost, got on another bus and I got stuck in the doors. Not a fun start to the morning. And to top it off, one of the other vols got her bag slashed last night and everything stolen. Plus several vols are starting to get pretty sick.

It's interesting how everything starts awesome and then the little flaws start to show. I haven't encountered anything I can't handle yet, and it is still awesome here, but parts of it will take getting used to.

I did find a place that had $1 huge beers last night though :)


  1. oh my! what a morning. congrats on understanding a whole conversation in spanish, even if you can't participate. i'd say you're learning!

  2. As with most things in life ~ we choose to see only the good ~ the seamier side usually takes us by surprise! Stay safe and I liked hearing that you use the buddy system <3