Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vanilla Ice Cream

Preface: If you know me pretty well then you know my theory about ice cream. I believe that your favorite flavor describes your personality. And again, if you ask anyone who knows me well, the worst flavor to have as a favorite flavor is vanilla. I mean, common, you can have annnnnny flavor in the world and you choose vanilla?

I told my sister and my friends I wouldn't blog about this, but it was so lousy now I feel like I have to. I went on a date tonight with an Ecua from Ambato. We met on the bus a few days ago and he seemed nice. He got my number and we realized we would both be in Quito this Saturday. For protection I never told him I was moving to Ambata, I said i lived in Ibarra.

So he sells tires for a living and travels all over the country. He told me he would be getting in to Quito around 4pm but actually ended up having to make another stop in a city far away. So my friend and I head to dinner and he meets us there around 9pm. He had been traveling all day and was going to go back to Ambato that night. I thought it was nice that he wanted to see me so much he decided to leave the terminal, take the hour long trolley to the Mariscal, and get ice cream with us.

As he came up the stairs I was excited to see him. This was going to be my first all-Spanish date. Even my friend was excited to be a third-wheel on an all-Spanish date. But as he started talking, or rather Claire and I started talking, we both realized he was terribly boring. He barely said or asked anything and just kept looking at me. Weird. Then when we got ice cream he ordered Vanilla. Aka: the kiss of death for any chance with me. He told me he hates every kind of chocolate. Another kiss of death. AND to top it off, he only drinks white wine. Sheesh. My theory proved true again that Vanilla lovers are boring.

****Disclaimer: I'm sorry if your favorite flavor is vanilla and now I've called you boring.****

Claire and I ended up faking being tired around 10pm and left. He then proceeded to text both of us 30 seconds after we got in the cab. Needless to say I deleted his number and won't be telling him that I'm moving to Ambato.

I guess there are bad dates in every country.


  1. You gotta go through it!

    Oh, and I like vanilla ice cream. As long as I can have it with chocolate sauce and sprinkles, anyway.

  2. except adding things to vanilla ice cream then makes it not plain vanilla. so that doesn't count :)

  3. hahahahaha glad you blogged about it!!