Saturday, July 31, 2010

Voy a Ibarra!

Last night after a lot of waiting I found out I'll be living in Ibarra, Ecuador for a year. I was definitely relieved to not be placed in the jungle (bugs, killer monkeys, etc didn't do it for me)! I was hoping to be placed in the southern highlands of Ecuador but I will be in the northern highlands. After thinking about it I can't say I'm disappointed I'm not where I was hoping to be. I really only hoped to be there because I read a few articles about the cities and they sounded nice. Now that I'm looking into Ibarra it sounds great too! I guess WorldTeach knows how to take what you ask for and put you in the place they think you'll like best, whether it's what you expected or not.

Ibarra sounds like an interesting mix. From the little I've looked into I can't wait to try its famous ice cream and go paragliding from the mountains! I'll definitely have to go to the markets and the lakes as well. Maybe I'll even hike up the volcano.

As of right now I have 16 days left in the states. Time is definitely flying! I'm about to go to Maine and Philadelphia with Kaytee. My cousin's wedding is next Saturday! Then I'll be back for one more hectic week in Cleveland.


  1. And what an adventure it will be!!! Looking forward to experiencing ecuador vicariously through your writings;) ~Aunt Nancy

  2. I'm sorry I wasn't working on your last day! :'( I'm going to miss you. I hope you have awesome adventures and an amazing time!